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"The Warrior" Tee - Keiki

"The Warrior" Tee - Keiki

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Color - Black

Style - T - Shirt

Fabric - 100% Cotton 

Fit - Standard Fit/Keiki

Design : "The Warrior"


Introducing our Ikaika Warrior Collection Hoodie and Tee – where strength meets style. Inspired by the formidable Hawaiian warriors (Ikaika), our Hawaiian keiki tee captures the essence of courage and honor. Printed with a traditional symbol and wielding the powerful weapon of hawaii, this Hawaiian tee embodies the indomitable spirit of ancient defenders. Each design intricately weaves the legacy of Hawaiian history, transforming your wardrobe into a tribute to resilience. Crafted for those who appreciate the fusion of strength and fashion, our Warrior tee symbolizes more than just apparel; they represent the pride and power of the islands, allowing you to wear the spirit of the Hawaiian warrior with unwavering pride.



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