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"Kahili Maile Twist" Logo Tee

"Kahili Maile Twist" Logo Tee

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Color - Black

Style - T - Shirt

Fabric - 100% Cotton 

Fit - Standard Fit

Design : Kahili Maile Twist


Our Kahili Maile twist Hawaiian tee embodies the Hawaiian Maile leaf plant and the sacred Kahili. Revered in the island's indigenous culture, symbolizes purity, strength, and connection. Maile thrives in the lush Hawaiian landscape, gracing ceremonial leis. Maile carries a rich history, woven into traditional rituals, weddings, celebrations, and now Hawaiian brands. Maile known for its aromatic fragrance, having a sweet scent. The plant's deep cultural significance reflects the enduring spirit of Hawaii, embodying respect for nature and the interconnectedness of all living things such as the Aina. As a symbol of love and goodwill, the Maile leaf plant embodies the essence of the islands, inviting wearers to carry a piece of Hawaiian heritage with grace and authenticity. Now we can always wear a Maile with this Hawaiian tee.


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