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Guam Latte Stone Basketball Jersey - Grey/Blue

Guam Latte Stone Basketball Jersey - Grey/Blue

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Color - Grey/Blue

Style - Basketball Jersey

Fabric - 100% Knitted Polyester

Fit - Standard Fit 

Introducing our Chamorro line wear the strength and heritage of Guam with our Latte Stone-inspired jerseys. Carved from coral limestone, the iconic pillars symbolize resilience and familial ties, standing as a testament to Chamorro history. Our collection seamlessly blends the island's cultural legacy with contemporary style, echoing the enduring spirit of the Latte Stone. Each design invites wearers to embrace Guam's vibrant past, celebrating strength, unity, and ancestral roots. All Island History is important, and all islanders should help support each other, wearing this piece helps us stay together. 

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