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Aloha Pinstripe Jersey - Black

Aloha Pinstripe Jersey - Black

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Color - Black

Style - Baseball Jersey

Fabric - 100% Knitted Polyester

Fit - Standard Fit

The spirit of aloha, rooted in Hawaiian culture, embodies love, compassion, and unity. It's a connection to others and the land, more than just a greeting but a guidance. Aloha extends warmth, welcoming all who share Aloha with you. Beyond a greeting, it's a guiding philosophy, inviting a shared journey of kindness and respect for life and lands interconnectedness. 

Introducing the Aloha Jersey Collection which stands out with a High quality constructive fabrics and embroidery. The Aloha Jerseys has 8 pinstripes on the front and 8 on the back representing 1 pinstripe for each Hawaiian Island. 


5'10 205lb

Wearing Size Large


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